WhatIfWeCould  Offerings to Engage the Community in 2022

Exposure to the community with easily shared initiatives will drive current and future support! The following packages are solutions to promote, encourage, share, and facilitate engagement, with your nonprofit. 

Together We Can Guide - Mailed to Homes!

Last year we distributed the guide through the SOURCE, giving great distribution to coffee shops and restaurants - but moving forward, our focus is to get in the HOME.

With our new partnership with the Bend Lifestyle Publication, whereas 5 of our nonprofits will be featured in articles + our monthly full page ad will showcase nonprofits with active initiatives - why not deliver the guides to the same homes!

Be included in this year-around community resource of local nonprofits and their initiatives.

Participation in the 2022 edition of the guide will be:

  • Mailed to recipients of Bend Lifestyle Publication (over 13,000 homes) + 370 local businesses.
  • Additional distribution to Central Oregon's top 100 employers 
  • Nonprofits with active initiatives to be featured at WhatIfWeCould.com's community portals
  • Included in our monthly full page ad in Bend Lifestyle Publication 
  • Part of Radio interviews highlighting that month's initiatives  

See last year's guide here, then choose a package that best fits your needs for 2022!

Every Local Nonprofit to be Included!

What if we could create a guide where all Central Oregon nonprofits could be listed and shared with our community? More than just a name and a logo, a profile tells a little more - how many could actually use your support?

Where else can you get your nonprofit into 12,000 homes and delivered to a minimum of 370 local businesses, PLUS many of the top 100 employers of Central Oregon, sharing it with their employees - for less than $200?

Just this year, Costco had an event in October for their employees to identify a nonprofit they wanted to donate to, with Costco matching up to 60%. Costco made the Together We Can guide available to help their employees help choose. 

We heard from many that didn't even know some of the nonprofits existed.

Become part of the WhatIfWeCould family of local nonprofits, as we do what we can to bring awareness and opportunity to giveback to all of Central Oregon.

If for some reason your nonprofit cannot afford $195, please let me know, we will put something together! Contact if that's you.