Engaging Initiatives Will Share Your Story and GROW YOUR NONPROFIT

WhatIfWeCould is a platform that combines story telling through initiatives + outreach that engages your current supporters to easily share and gain interest and participation of others.


With all the hats you're wearing, we bet you could use some help with outreach. Yes?


Are you using crowdsourcing too generate volunteers or in-kind giving? No?


We all give at the end of the year, but could you use support during those long summers? Yes?

Shop 4 a Cause

Sure to be a community favorite! Our first annual event saw more than 100 people show up at Costco after hours and bought over $20,000 in supplies for their favorite nonprofits, enjoyed door prizes, free slices of cake and $1 frozen yogurts and corndogs from some local food trucks!

To review a recap of the event in Central Oregon, please go here; https://whatifwecould.com/shop4acause/

Together We Can

A community resource guide that features profiles of local nonprofits and a calendar for the year that shares what initiatives are happening each month for each nonprofit.

Used as a tool for the community and businesses alike, Together We Can is a tool that brings not only awareness to a myriad of local nonprofits, but also a practical resource to become aware, learn more and get engaged in supporting those that make our communities better.

To review an online version of our Central Oregon edition, please go here; https://bit.ly/3t2hu24

Coming to Your Community?

We began with Central Oregon in 2019, we're looking to share the WhatIfWeCould experience and add to our family of communities. Contact us and let us know your interested, or perhaps we're already working in your community!

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